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Abolishment of Our Rainforest

A change in rainforests as time goes by
Rainforest Changes
Causes of Rainforest Destruction
Why does this matter to us?
Plant Adaptations
Rainforest Plants
Extinct Plants
Rainforest Animals
Extinct Animals
How can you help?
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Rainforests are dense forests in a tropical region

that have an annual rainfall of at least 100 inches.

There are two major types of rainforests:

Tropical Rainforests and Temperate Rainforests.

Temperate rainforests  are  rainforests that are

less humid and have less rainfall. They also

receive less sunlight per day due to their close

closeness to the equator. Six million square

miles used to exist in the world and now, only 2.6

million square miles remain. Only 75 million acres

 of temperate forests remain which is only half of

 the remaining temperate rainforests. The largest

 temperate rainforests are located along North

 America's Pacific Coast and expand from

California all the way up to Canada. The

rainforests are a very important. Unfortunately,

there have been many events concerning the

 rainforests around the world for human needs

 which have causes many harmful effects on the

 environment. About 57% of the world's

 rainforests have been destroyed in the last

century with serious consequences for both

industrial and developing countries. The

 rainforests are significant to our environment. A

 large number of rainforests are being destroyed

 since rainforests are valued by the value of the

timber by landowners and logging companies.

 More than half of the world's 10 million species of

animals, insects, and plants live in the tropical

rainforests. Many plants are used to fight cancer

&  prescription drugs currently used are from

rainforests.  As a portion of rainforest is

destroyed, the world loses thousands of

 years of knowledge about medical plants that is not

replaceable. In 1950, about 15 percent of the

Earth's land surface was covered by rainforest.

Today, more than half of it is already destroyed.

The rate of destruction is still increasing as time

 is going by. Deforestation is bringing many

consequences such as air pollution, soil erosion,

water pollution, extinction of plants and animals,

increased threat for global warming, releasing

carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and also

less oxygen for us. The biodiversity of the

rainforest is so immense and we are losing an

estimate of 137 species of animals and plants

each day due to the destruction of rainforests.

There is more information on some of the exotic

species that survive in the rainforest.




Grade: 8th
Class: Science 8
Teacher: Mrs. Rybicki
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Location of the Rainforests
Below Mexico, South America, central Africa,southern Asia, and the Philippines.