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Why does this matter to us?
A change in rainforests as time goes by
Rainforest Changes
Causes of Rainforest Destruction
Why does this matter to us?
Plant Adaptations
Rainforest Plants
Extinct Plants
Rainforest Animals
Extinct Animals
How can you help?
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Rainforests supply water, food, and oxygen to the world which helps us survive. The Amazon rainforest produces more than one fifth of the Earth's oxygen itself and a fifth of the world's fresh water is found in the Amazon Basin. Rainforests are also a shelter to fifty percent of the world's animal and plants species. There are many plants that are needed to treat cancer. Due to this, many species are found in the rainforests. Scientists have identified more than 2,00 tropical plants that could help fight cancer. The rainforests also help regulate the Earth's weather and temperature. Rainforests are a big contribution to the environment yet we are the ones destroying it for our worldly needs. Our huge demand to many products is causing more and more destruction overtime. Many things are made from the resources in the rainforests.