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Rainforest Changes
A change in rainforests as time goes by
Rainforest Changes
Causes of Rainforest Destruction
Why does this matter to us?
Plant Adaptations
Rainforest Plants
Extinct Plants
Rainforest Animals
Extinct Animals
How can you help?
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In the last hundred years, the rainforest has changed drastically.

  • In 1950, about 15 percent of the Earth's land surface was covered by rainforest. Today, more than half of it is already destroyed.
  • Most medicine men and shamans are over 70 years old. They have been using the rainforest to heal and help sick people for a very long time.
  • More than one fifth of the Amazon Rainforest is already gone.
  • Industrialization has caused humans to destroy the rainforest.
  • Rainforests cover 6% of the earth's land surface.
  • Rainforests have been providing one forth of today's medicines.
  • In the 1900s there were only 1 million indigenous people living in the rainforests compared to 8-9 million 500 years ago